Allen Street Campus Hiking

Allen Street Campus has embarked on a number of exciting adventures since September.  We have been hiking, rock-climbing, mountain, skiing and snowboarding, and some focused art projects here at school.  We do plan on possibly plan on possibly adding yoga and Cobra gymnastics to the list, and membership to The Mint for woodworking and welding.

Monday is Hiking day and our travels have taken us to the Long Trail and the Appalachian Trail to Deer Leap, Thundering Brook Falls and Kent Pond section in Killington, White Rocks and the Ice Beds in Wallingford, the Bucklin Trail in Rutland, and of course Pine Hill right here in Rutland as well.  These hikes spark the endless possibilities of exploration and developing a respect for the outdoors, thus our outdoor classroom concept. Challenging our students, setting individual goals, learning to take risks and to take advantage of new opportunities. And, all in our back yard!!! One student, Wilson, commented that “I would not have known about these hikes if not for our hiking club.  It is so awesome to be outside exploring and being with friends and our teachers too!” These trips are all day with lunch along the way. In the early Fall the days were warm but we are still hiking in the snow and cold weather. Add to that snowshoeing on the trails as well!!! We will soon transfer hiking to snowshoeing and cross-country skiing!