The Allen Street Campus is a therapeutic school environment designed to provide students the structure and support they need to be successful in school, at home, and in the community. Policies, rules and procedures are designed to provide therapeutic interventions and small group academics so that students will be empowered to take control of their lives.

Students will learn the coping skills, social skills and academic skills needed for success by engaging in therapy, the group process and the district’s academic curriculum. We are focused on treatment goals, social skill benchmarks and grade level academic objectives. Once students have successfully achieved their goals, they begin a gradual transition back to their sending school. Parents/Guardians are an integral part of the program and are major team players when setting goals, deciding on strategies and evaluating improvement.

The Allen Street Campus is collaboration between Rutland City Public Schools (RCPS) and Rutland Mental Health Services (RMHS). The program has five classrooms staffed with a special educator and para educators from RCPS as well as a RCPS counselor assigned to each student.  A clinician from RMHS is also assigned to each student. Our staff is specially trained to help children overcome emotional difficulties that make learning a struggle. Each student has a team comprised of the parent/guardian, classroom counselor, school psychologist, special educator, clinician, clinical coordinator, program director, representatives from community agencies, and mainstream guidance counselors and teachers. This team “wraps” around the child to provide the expertise, structure, nurturing and support necessary to keep the child in their school, home and community.