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There are three choices for academics at the Allen Street Campus.  What each classroom has in common is a shared goal of helping our students to develop the emotional regulation skills to succeed in school and in the community.  We assist our students in learning and practicing social-emotional skills that promote academic and lifelong learning.  This teaching and learning process draws from a variety of evidence-based practices for trauma-informed schools.  We use strategies, frameworks and responses that we know assist our students in to become the best version of themselves, regardless of their social-emotional struggles.


The framework for the Allen Street Program is collaborative and restorative.  This framework is supported with a variety of developmentally appropriate short and long term incentives that grow motivational pathways, give concrete acknowledgement of success, and help adults remain consistent in their responses to student needs.  We help students recognize they are supported, held accountable, and encouraged, without judgement.  Students make progress because we don’t give up.  They know we are here for them.  We are committed to providing all students unconditional positive regard.


As a program, an extension of Rutland Middle School and Rutland High School, we are committed in assisting our students in learning new skills to replace their verbal and physical dysregulation.  We maintain child-centered functional behavioral assessments, behavioral plans, treatment plans and short-term safety plans.  Our work as team members is to support our students based on their individual needs as identified in their Individualized Educational Plans.


We include our students and their families in a process of identifying their needs and then coming together as a team to decide what we need to do to assist our students in making progress.  Our work is trauma informed and child and family centered.


We partner with community agencies to wrap services around our students to enable them to be as independent and successful in our community as possible.  Our staff supports student’s academic and social emotional growth by providing engaging access to Master’s level Special Educators, Counselors and a Rutland Mental Health Clinician.  Our counseling staff are experienced mental health workers who provide individual and group counseling, social skill development through community activities, and in the moment support when students need additional support.  Our Special Educators, Counselors and Clinician work with a team of paraeducators to ensure that students are engaged in meaningful academic and social emotional work.